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“Keep Portland Weird” is an initiative put on in Portland to help local businesses. The idea is that when unique businesses pop up it helps create a buzz about the city and enables Portland to stand out within the country. VooDoo Doughnut does just that. It’s decor and MO help create a unique experience that you won’t soon forget. Their doughnuts are totally creative if not a bit over the top but there are many gems worth waiting in line for. The best way to know if you would like them? If you like Krispy Kreme you will like Voodoo. Their doughnuts are sweeter than Tim Horton’s but their selection and toppings can’t be beat by either. The one thing you can say is that they have taken over the city because wherever you go you are sure to get a glimpse of their bright pink take out boxes being carried by people all over the city. Below are some of our favorites…

The Ultimate Display Case: You can watch it go around and around forever.

Old Dirty Bastard

Signature Voodoo Doll: Filled with Raspberry Jam

Memphis Mafia: Killer (no pun intended)

Maple Bacon

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