Vila Verde

206 Weston Road, Toronto 416-763-2515
869 Dundas Street West, Toronto 416-603-2515

In the Azores, you’ll find restaurants that are your quintessential European cafes. In each one you will often find the staff mingling with the regulars, typically a group of men standing around, drinking cervezas and getting into heated discussions about trite topics. They look nothing like a Cactus Club or some trendy hot spot but more like some sketchy hideaway where the attention is seldom on the decor but definitely on the food. Vila Verde is just that. Here the owners do a great job of serving up authentic Portuguese cuisine in an atmosphere that sends you straight to islands of Portugal. Large portions offered at a great price make this destination a great find. A big thanks to the Nunes Family for introducing it to us. :)

We started off with a healthy order of Grilled Tiger Prawns. In a lemon, butter and parsley sauce you could suck the heads and dip your bread all night long. Don’t be cheap. Order liberally, you’ll be glad you did. (If you are planning on bringing a big group, call ahead and pre-order)

Sirloin steak topped with creamy garlic sauce and a fried egg served with chips. In the Azores, all that’s missing is the canned halved peach.

Grilled Squid with potatoes and veggies. Always perfectly cooked.

Natas do Ceu (Cream of Heaven). IF they are still available, do NOT pass this up and don’t share it. It’s looks deceptively simple but its light, creamy and delicious. Call ahead for this too so they will put some away for you.

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