1529 Fillmore Street, San Francisco
Monday-Thursday 5:30pm-10pm
Friday/Saturday 5:30pm-11pm
Closed Sundays

There are some pretty impressive accolades for this San Francisco hot spot and they couldn’t be more correct. Just a few of these mentions include:

Best Pastry Chefs of 2013: Tasting Table
10 Hottest Restaurants to eat in the world: Zagat
Best New Restaurant in America: Bon Appetit

Often high expectations can lead to major disappointments but SBP delivered on every front. The most impressive of these was the service and overall ambiance of the restaurant. Walking in, servers, cooks, hostesses and even the owners treat you like a regular in a completely down-to-earth and unpretentious atmosphere. We spoke to so many people that honestly we are not sure who really was our server! Just on this premise alone, SBP shows how much it ‘gets’ how to do a proper dining experience.

Reservations are made online however, every time we looked for availability it was completely booked 60 days out. Therefore since reservations look more like the luck of the draw, an alternative is to show up for the few tables they leave for walk-ins or take advantage of their stand up counter. There will probably be a wait but better something than nothing. We took the stand up counter and actually it was a lot better than expected. As a matter of fact, we would go so far to say its the best spot in the restaurant. With room for 3-4 people you get a clear view of the action in the kitchen and get additional attention from the chefs. Watch the carts go out (more on that in a bit) and feel free to ask all the questions you want to an ever hospitable team. Yes, you stand for your meal but you are so distracted by the amazing food, standing isn’t even a bother. That said, if you can choose, ask for a seat at the bar: similar experience, just seated.

SBP is unique in that the food is delivered in food carts, dim sum style. The food is creative, delicious and so enticing. As everything looks and sounds so great, you need to pace yourself so as not to miss the opportunity to try new dishes as they come out throughout the night. There are some a la carte menu dishes which don’t come on the cart and are larger portion and equally appealing so plan for those accordingly.

By far, one of our favorite restaurants and a MUST if you visit San Francisco.

Deep fried sourdough with Barata and 7 spiced pepper.

Raw oyster with pickled kohlrabi, togarashi oil and sesame

Duck liver mousse with Almond biscuits

Smoked trout potato-clam porridge

Black trumpet ranch, pecorino and grilled asparagus

Guinea hen dumpling with aromatic broth, shiitake mushroom and preserved lemon

Pork belly with citrus and mint salad in a thai fish sauce dressing. BEST pork belly EVER!!!

Custom order: In-house smoked sturgeon with horseradish shmear. Usually comes with an ‘everything’ pancake however they generously let our stuffed bellies forgo the pancake for just the sturgeon.

Muscovado milk with roasted peanut

Souffle cheesecake with orange blossom, kumquat cream and chocolate hazelnut crunch

State Bird Provisions

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