Sardine Can

26 Powell St., Vancouver BC
3pm-late 7 days a week

The Sardine Can is the newest restaurant of the owners that bring you La Buca, Pied-a-Terre and Cafeteria. We went in, 7 of us, into the tiny tapas bar and ended up having a borrage of amazing dishes. Pretty much everything on the menu is $10 and under and the flavours of everything we had were bold and exciting.  The vibe of the place is very much like an authentic Spanish tapas bar as the small quarters creates a buzzing atmosphere. A great place to chill, eat and drink for hours or stop off for a pre-dinner bite. It’s first come, first serve so as this place grows in popularity you probably are going to have to prepare for a wait. But it’s soooo worth it. Yeah! Another win for Vancouver!

Diablos espagnoles: Speck wrapped prunes filled with Mahon, the perfect balance of sweet and salty.

Tomato and manchego toasts: A clean and bright dish with the freshest tomato flavour

Chorizo con Jerez: Full-flavoured chorizo sausage cooked in sherry. OMG! If they sold it in bucket size we would have gotten it. This dish has such bold and unique flavour that it will haunt our minds for a long time. (or at least until we have it again)

Jamon:  A plate of Pata Negra and Serrano hams. Again great flavor and served without being trimmed. We had great Jamon at Tinto in Palm Springs but they trimmed the fat which was a bit of a downer as that is where all the flavour is!

Piquillo rellenos de bacalao: Roasted piquillo peppers stuffed with salt cod. With a few portuguese guys at the table we had to get the bacalao. It was the perfect combination of salty and smoky with a deep bold flavour.

Guisado de pulpo: Octopus, potato and chorizo stew. Octopus can be chewy if not cooked well but this dish cooked it just right. With a piece of bread for dipping…heaven.

Terra Breads Sourdough: with their house olive oil that is STELLAR! We kept this bread coming all through the meal because who can resist warm bread?

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    this looks amazing ! Got to go there :)

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