10302 135 St. Surrey
Open 7 days a week for Lunch and Dinner
Cash Only

Our favorite vietnamese restaurant and a staple when you want great comfort food. The service is minimal but friendly considering the host of characters that walk through the doors. Don’t be discouraged by the locale, it truly is a gem.

We recommend:

#5 Pho with tendon: A deeply flavoured broth with just the right amount of heat (if you like it spicy). We get it with rice noodles and extra tendon.

Wonton soup: After Tanis got her wisdom teeth out she needed to stick to something soft. The wonton soup was a great choice. At first the broth was deceptively simple with an almost overwhelming celery aroma but once you tasted it it was refreshing and perfectly balanced. The prawns tasted fresh and the wonton was just the right thickness. It’s officially a toss up now when we go. Wonton or Pho? Hmmmm.

Spare ribs, lemongrass chicken and vermacelli: We don’t know what they got in the kitchen but this place grills a mean spare ribs and chicken. The char on the meat is perfect and hard to find better anywhere in the city. Get the dish with the vermacelli and skip the rice.We threw on a couple fried eggs because, well, we can.

Don’t forget the Spring rolls they are delicious too.

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