Located in the Granville Island Market
Open Monday to Sunday 9am-7pm

For five generations, the family at Oyama has been making sausages hams and pates and its clear they know what they are doing. From Prosciutto style meats, chorizos and salamies to bacons, pates and terrines, their selection is staggering considering it is such a small operation. Watch for their seasonal specialties such as cassoulet and swedish hams. Truly a Vancouver gem!

With over 100 sausages in total to choose from, many are in rotation, many are mainstays that are a constant and for those that are not regularly available you can always pre-order. We regularly buy the turkey and European wieners for the boys. The Butter chicken sausage has wicked flavour, the toulousse is amazing and the cheese smokies are OUT OF THIS WORLD! Honestly we have never had a sausage we didn’t like here. Buy a bunch and vacuum pack and freeze them as they keep well.

A huge selection of prosciutto style meats and bacon many of which have no nitrates and nitrites. If you don’t have the Duck Prosciutto or the Wild Boar Prosciutto you can never say you’ve lived.

An cornucopia of pates and terrines. Again try any of these and you will be in heaven.

This is one of our favorite ways to start an event, an amazing charcuterie platter from Oyama. Duck Proscuitto, Wild Boar Proscuitto, Country Ham and Truffle Salami.

A couple of our favorites:

Duck and Figs: a creamy terrine that is 100% duck and no pork.

Strasbourg Terrine: fois gras, tongue, black truffle and pistachios. Rich and creamy!

Enjoy also a great selection of head cheeses and sandwich meats.

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