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Vancouver: 148 E. Pender Street 604-681-1828 Open 7 Days, 6:30 AM – 8-30 PM
Richmond: #4-6330 No. 3Rd. 604-270-2889 Closed on Wednesday, 10 AM – 7 PM
Surrey: #7, 10302 135th St. 604-588-1828 Closed on Wednesday, 10 AM – 7.30 PM

One of our favorite Vietnamese restaurant is located in the heart of Whalley. Its a staple when we are looking for an awesome bowl of Pho or grilled spare ribs. It’s so awesome in fact that we have never paid any attention to the other five restaurants located beside it in the little strip mall where its located. One day, while waiting for our take out order we happened to notice a sign in the adjoining restaurant that said “best steamed buns in the city”. A bold claim but one that needed to be investigated and we are so glad we did!

New Town bakery is a Chinese/Filipino restaurant that specializes in Siopao – BBQ Pork (Asado) and Chicken Deluxe, a combo of salted egg, ham, BBQ Pork and Chicken (Bola Bola). We called our nanny, who is Filipino,  and told her that we were in Surrey and that this place was advertising that they were the best for steamed buns. She replied that that wasn’t possible because the best was in Richmond but that I should buy them anyway for her to try. When we got them home she was so excited and said “Yes New Town! That’s the one!”. We quickly realized they had multiple locations and we all dug in. She told us that when visiting friends in San Diego she would stop at the Richmond location to pick up a couple boxes to take with her as her friends in California couldn’t find anything as good. She also had friends in Seattle who would drive all the way up just to eat at the Vancouver location!! If that’s not a testament to the quality and taste of these steamed buns, we don’t know what is. We loved it and now when we stop for Vietnamese we are going to have to leave space for Siopao. You gotta do, what you gotta do ;)

Made and steamed fresh in house

THE Siopao

Bola Bola


PS apparently their Apple & Egg Tarts are just as famous although we haven’t tried them yet. :(


OK so happened to be in the neighborhood and went in to grab some steamed buns and got an order of 6 of the apple tarts. OMG! They are delicious. Now we know why they have such a cult following. Now one thing to note is that this is the perfect balance of apple and tart. However, some people may disagree if you are the kind that likes a higher fruit to crust ratio. These tarts have a little bit of apple but a ton of apple flavor so its not dry or overpowered by tart crust. And they are so cheap!! Treat yourself and check them out.

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