Moulin Rouge Diner

887 Geary St, San Francisco CA
(415) 928-0158
Open everyday 7am-2pm


We love San Fran. Its one destination that has a TON to offer if you are looking for a great food scene that will keep you busy your whole time there and leave you wanting more. Sometimes when you are traveling you want to feel the comforts of home and Moulin Rouge offers an environment that makes you feel that way. Open since 1978, the lovely couple who today still runs the restaurant, cook up a mean breakfast for a line up of locals who frequent the place on a regular basis. The husband and wife team dote on you and give you the service that your mom would probably give you at home. The portions are generous and delicious and you can’t help but walk out feeling completely satisfied.

Don’t worry about the area it’s not as bad as it looks, although there isn’t anything too touristy here, it is only about a 15 minute walk from Union Square.

Vegetarian Omelette, hashbrowns and bacon.

Ground Beef Omelette. Delicious.

Cream cheese stuffed French Toast. Just get this. Don’t ask questions. Then thank us. :)

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