200-332 Water St. 604-699-0249
Dinner Wed-Sat, Brunch Sat & Sun

Having had a chance to try the entire brunch menu there were a few dishes worth coming back for. Here they are below…

Berries and Special K Granola

Huevos Rancheros: 1 poached egg, blue corn tortilla, white bean & bacon chilli, avocado pico, valentina crema

Croque Madame: basil & goats cheese bechamel, fried egg, copa, tomato, hash cake, gruyere crust (This is a sample size, actual one is full size) This one was our favorite.

Gypsy Benedict: red wine sausage, goats cheese, tomato bruschetta, chipotle hollandaise

Lobster Cake Benedict: lobster & crab cake , tomato bruschetta , bearnaise

Dessert: The ‘cheesecake’ was stellar! If a bucket full was available we would take it.

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