Garde Manger

408 Saint-Francois-Xavier, Montreal QC
Tuesday – Sunday at 6pm


Chuck’s Day Off is probably our favorite cooking show on Food Network. We have tried many of Chuck’s recipes¬† and they always turn out amazing. His food has an authentic, home-cooked comfort food kind of flare that makes you think “I can do that!” and it’s usually simple enough that anyone can. Garde Manger is another restaurant that is unlike anything you can find in Vancouver. Montrealer’s have this approach to dining out that makes you feel like you are in someone’s home where both the patrons and the staff are approachable and you can easily makes friends. Garde Manger turns night club after 10/11 so the vibe doesn’t die down as the evening progresses but only gets more electric and loud.We have been twice and both times had an amazing experience. Chef Hughes himself was there in the kitchen working the line when we attended during Grand Prix and was very accessable to the guests who wanted to say hi. Our recommendations are to reserve early and plan on staying late. The menu is pretty much a fresh sheet so there are only a couple regulars on the menu. Not one dish has ever been a disappointment. A must visit when in Montreal.

Crab Leg Caesar.

Crispy Kale with Octopus and Brussel Sprouts and Prawns

Lobster Poutine. Check out our version here.

Beef Tartar with Frites

Scallop and Fois Gras Pancakes with gravy

Caribean Crab.

Garde Manger’s Seafood Tower. The oysters were out of this world! (Not as good as Au Pied de Cochon’s Tower, but good none the less). After this we wanted to order our entree’s but our server didn’t think we could possibly order more so he didn’t even tell us about the kitchen’s last call!

So we could only order dessert. This brownie was soooo moist and delicious that it really was Tanis’ favorite dish of the night, which says a lot!

Chocolate Filled doughnuts with Caramel whipped cream dip.

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