We had the honor of enjoying an 18 course meal from Chef Hamid Samilian at Diva at the Met. What an amazing evening from such a talented Chef. We highly recommend you try this on your next special occasion. You won’t regret it!

Olive Oil Marshmellow

Sustainable white sturgeon caviar on brioche with dill and creme fraiche.

Fois gras walnut with quince and Melba toast.

Best “chip” EVER! Now how to get a bag of these?

Cheecharon (butchered spelling) Could eat pounds of this. Just the steps to get this tendon so crispy is astonishing.

Pork rind with Tabasco mayo.

Pizza Cotton Candy. This was a trip!

Green almond and sour plum salad with cucumber pearl dressing.

Scallop tartare. Delicious.

Spot prawn with a citrus/dill jus.

Razor clam and gnocchi with Parmesan crisp. So delicate yet the flavours are are beautifully bold. Perfectly cooked.

Halibut and, honestly I can’t remember everything else that’s in it. All’s I know is that it was delicious.

Albacore tuna with smoked quail egg and eggplant purée.

Lamb neck and blue foot mushrooms.

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