101 Main Street, Vancouver
(corner of Alexander St.)
Monday to Friday 8am – 4pm Weekends 9am – 5pm

On the outskirts of Gastown you find a great little spot that’s famous for it’s large portion breakfasts and burgers. We went for their breakfast on a Sunday morning and didn’t have to stand in line or anything so that was a nice treat however by the time we left the hangover crowd had showed up by the hoards and a lineup had started. So note to self: on the weekend come early or prepare to wait.

We took on a southern classic of Chicken Fried Steak with Eggs and a side bisquit and gravy. With 3 eggs and a huge portion of hashbrowns you are guaranteed not to go home hungry. The gravy was thick and full of flavor and the steak was not greasy. It’s no wonder people go there to recoup from the night before.

The boys got pancakes and two big, light and fluffy ones showed up.It also came with your choice of bacon, ham or sausage. How can you go wrong?

Now we normally post dishes we didn’t like but the benny was a special which had a cilantro hollandaise over pulled pork and the hollandaise did not work well. That said, without the cilantro hollandaise it would probably be pretty good and the eggs were perfectly cooked so if you are in the mood for a benny and they have one on special give it a try. Also, the pulled pork is sweet so if you are not into a sweeter pork it’s not for you.

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