4222 Village Square  Whistler, BC
Restaurant 5pm – 11pm     Raw Bar 5pm – midnight
Bar 3pm – midnight      Sunday Brunch 10am – 2pm


Not sure about you but living in Vancouver you take advantage of many of our amazing sights and local destinations. For us, Whistler is one of those. We are about a 2 hour drive from the village and every time we go we say to ourselves “and why don’t we come here more often?”. Sure in the winter hotel prices are an arm and a leg but the place is so beautiful it worth the excursion even just for the day.

We recently did a weekend up in Whistler and had a truly exceptional experience at Araxi. What’s interesting is everyone that we talk to about it all have said, “I know, we had an amazing dinner there too!”. That really says something, they are really doing it right. This place is one of those spots we would do the drive just for dinner.

Started off with an excellent selection of East and West coast oysters.

Local Octopus “Sunomono” with potato noodles, daikon, carrots and shiso

Assorted Local Beet Salad with Vancouver Island buffalo mozzarella and Root Down organic greens beet and juniper vinaigrette, beet chips

Canada Prime Beef Tartare tossed with truffle vinaigrette, capers, shallots and garnished with a quail egg house baked sourdough crostini and gherkins

Fillet of Milk Fed Veal roasted with lemon thyme and peppercorns accompanied by Pemberton cauliflower local mushroom and fresh herb ravioli with sauteed Tuscan kale

Paradise Valley Pork Selection slow cooked pork belly and roasted pork loin with corn and herb salsa summer squash with sweet potato, cilantro and ginger ravioli

Milk Fed Veal with a substitute for the Gnocchi. This gnocchi was OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD!!! It rivalled the amazingness of the gnuddi at The Spotted Pig in NYC. We ended up ordering another big dish of it and then tried to order it again the next night for a late night snack but the kitchen was closed. If its ever on the menu, order it. Period.

Organic White Prawn Risotto arborio rice with prawns, white wine, lemon, local red kurri squash and chives
finished with mascarpone and herb salad

A meal is not a meal without a side of fois gras.


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